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Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Denounces Zorn’s Actions

MLBC demands his immediate public apology on the Senate floor

LANSING – The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC) is appalled by the insensitive actions of Sen. Dale Zorn (R-Ida), who donned a mask that appeared to depict the confederate symbol during Friday’s Michigan Senate emergency session in the State Capitol. We demand that he make a public verbal apology on the Senate Floor.

Marshall Bullock II (D-Detroit), MLBC chairman said “We all were extremely shocked that Senator Zorn would wear such an overtly offensive symbol of hate in the Michigan Senate chamber. I am both offended and disheartened by two facts: first, Sen. Zorn wore this symbol knowing that, in his own words; it would ‘raise some eyebrows,’ and second, the entire Republican caucus failed to recognize the inherent insensitivity prior to the opening of session. Knowing the history of the confederacy, its legacy of slavery, oppression and white supremacy, this calls into question Sen. Zorn’s – and the entire Republican Caucus’ – ability to objectively address legislative issues relating to race and racial disparities.”

“During this unprecedented time when thousands of people in our state are dying from COVID-19, a majority of which are minorities, we should be focused on saving lives and mitigating the spread of the virus,” Bullock added. “Dealing with issues of blatant insensitivity should not happen, and distracts from our priorities. We ask that the Republican Caucus make it clear that they in no way condone this kind of insensitive and offensive behavior, and will instead state plainly that as a legislative body, we represent all of the Michiganders we serve.