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The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Lauds the Enactment and Signing of Expungement Reform Laws

LANSING – The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC) is pleased that the 100th Legislature and Governor Gretchen Whitmore has recognized the need to reform Michigan’s criminal expungement laws by enacting and signing into law House Bills 4980 through 4985, and 5120.  Furthermore, MLBC is proud that its members played a significant role in leading the way to success.

            “MLBC has provided leadership on this issue by co-sponsoring and ferociously stewarding the “Clean Slate” legislation through committee and final passage,” according to State Senator Marshall Bullock II (D-Detroit), MLBC chairman.  “We are pleased that Governor Whitmer has helped us make history by signing an expungement reform package that will transform thousands of lives.”

            State Representative Leslie Love (D-Detroit) added, “Since the beginning of my tenure as a legislator, I’ve worked towards this moment.  From introducing bills to advocacy on the issue, this has been my passion project.  This is a historic, transformational moment.  Those who have paid their debt to society can start over and live a productive, fulfilling and honorable life, less encumbered by mistakes of the distant past.”

 The package of bills will expand and revise list of eligible misdemeanors and felonies; create an automatic process to set aside those eligible misdemeanors after seven years and eligible non-assaultive felonies after ten years; include expungements for marijuana convictions that are no longer a crime under the Michigan Constitution; and forgives crimes committed during “one bad night” by allowing multiple felonies or misdemeanor convictions arising from the same transaction to be treated as a single felony or misdemeanor under certain circumstances and conditions.

The laws will take effect in April, 2021.