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The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Applauds Election Certification by State Board of Canvassers

LANSING – The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC) is pleased that the Michigan Board of State Canvassers (“State Canvassers”), has executed its ministerial and constitutional duty, and certified Michigan’s  November 3rd General Election and, thus, the votes of the 5.5 million Michigan citizens who cast their ballots.  By doing so, they embraced and executed the principles of democracy that we dearly cherish in this nation.   

 “The State Canvassers serve a very limited, ministerial and clerical role in the election process,” said State Senator Marshall Bullock II (D-Detroit), MLBC chairman.  “To do anything other than certify the votes that have already been certified by Michigan’s 83 counties would have been a travesty, and an affront to Michigan voters.  Keep in mind that many races, other than the presidential race, were on those ballots.”

Bullock continued, “As MLBC chairman, I applaud the work of the State Canvassers, clerks and the many election workers who served to ensure that every vote was counted.  As a Black man, I have learned the importance of historical sacrifice and the counting of every vote.  The action taken today ensures that no voters within the city of Detroit – or any urban center – will be disenfranchised.  The State Canvassers showed that partisan politics does not outweigh the people’s right to express their opinions through their vote.”