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The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Responds to Threats

LANSING – The holiday season is supposed to bring Americans of all ideologies together with shared feelings of peace and unity.  Unfortunately, our thoughts are instead turned toward the misdirected hatred of a small, yet vocal contingent of agitators.  There are residents in Michigan who have chosen to repeatedly attempt to intimidate and threaten the lives of those who represent them in Lansing…and it must stop!

Earlier this year, we witnessed several misguided individuals gathering at the State Capitol to protest the executive orders issued by our Governor.  We also learned that those same protesters – described as “Patriots” – at one point stormed the capitol with firearms and camped out in front of the Governor’s place of residence, where her husband and children were subjected to this appalling behavior. Additionally, these obstructionists were allegedly devising a plan to kidnap and kill the Governor, as well as murder legislators and staff if they got in the way.  Further advancing the threat, we have recently been informed that members of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC) have also been targeted with threats of physical violence, including death threats.  We understand our jobs as legislators.  However, some behaviors cross the line and should be admonished by all who are aware.  Home is a sanctuary, and going to one’s home or publishing their address – although public information – is an unholy act.

We have faced racists before and, thus, we are familiar with their playbook. But, with these recent actions – combined with ongoing agitation surrounding the national election – we face a heightened level of concern.

MLBC will not be intimidated in its efforts to perform our important work, and we condemn the actions of those who are silent.  In fact, it is imperative that we share this message of our resolve so that others can be empowered to fight against terrorism in all of its’ forms.