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Sen. Bullock, Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Statement on Grand Rapids Police Shooting

LANSING, Mich. (April 13, 2022) — Sen. Marshall Bullock (D-Detroit), chairman of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, has issued the following statement regarding the released video footage of the fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyoya on April 4 in Grand Rapids:

“As a father, a son, and a brother, I am devastated for the Lyoya family. As a Black man, I am angry, scared, outraged and completely frustrated that we are, yet again, revisiting a tragedy that occurs too often in the Black community. The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus is calling for justice and demanding full accountability and transparency in this tragic murder.

“But the fact remains: Justice is not justice when another Black body lays face down, dead from an execution-style shooting. Justice cannot exist in a system where accountability and proper training for the police who are supposed to protect and defend an entire community — and not just people who look like them — is an afterthought. I hope and pray the legal outcome of this incident brings some semblance of peace to the family. Until then, I am calling on the Grand Rapids Police Department to be accountable and transparent with the community they serve.”

Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) added:

“Unfortunately, these types of tragedies have become far too normal. As Michigan lawmakers, we are fighting for necessary reforms to prevent senseless killings, bringing overdue accountability and transparency to law enforcement.”