About Us

Our mission is captured in our slogan: Legislative power with purpose.

The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus is a coalition of 30 state legislators committed to ensuring that all citizens of our state have equal opportunities. The caucus includes members of both the state Senate and the state House of Representatives.

The Black Caucus serves as a partnership between residents and legislators. Our members believe that legislators and residents can affect the most change by working in tandem.

We sponsor events and programs around the state to make this partnership as productive as possible. The events allow legislators to share vital information and also serve as an opportunity for residents to express their opinions and concerns to the people who represent them.

We invite you to join us as we work toward a Michigan that grants all its citizens equal access, equal justice and equal opportunity.

Michigan Legislative Black Caucus:


Sen. Erika Geiss, (D-Taylor, 1st District),

Rep. Amos O’Neal, (D-Saginaw, 94th District),
Executive Vice Chairperson

Sen. Sarah Anthony, (D-Lansing, 21st District),
1st Vice Chairperson 

Rep. Brenda Carter, (D-Pontiac, 53rd District),
2nd Vice Chair

Rep. Felicia Brabec, (D-Pittsfield, 33rd District),

Rep. Stephanie Young, (D-Detroit, 16th District),

Rep. Cynthia Neeley, (D-Flint, 70th District),

Rep. Helena Scott, (D-Detroit,  7th District),

Rep. Donavan McKinney, (D-Detroit, 14th District),


Rep. Abraham Aiyash, (D-Hamtramck, 9th District)

Rep. Tyrone Carter, (D-Detroit, 1st District)

Sen. Mary Cavanagh, (D-Redford Twp., 6th District)

Sen. Stephanie Chang, (D-Detroit, 3rd District)

Rep. Kimberly L. Edwards, (D-Eastpointe, 12th District)

Rep. Kristian Grant, (D-Detroit, 82nd District)

Rep. Jason Hoskins, (D-Southfield, 18th District)

Rep. Ranjeev Puri, (D-Canton, 24th District)

Sen. Sylvia Santana, (D-Detroit, 2nd District)

Speaker of the House Joseph A. Tate, (D-Detroit, 10th District)

Rep. Karen Whitsett, (D-Detroit, 4th District)

Rep. Jimmie Wilson, Jr., (D-Ypsilanti, 32nd District)