The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus applauds the signing of the Fiscal Year 2024 Michigan budget that holds equity as a high priority and strategically advances Black communities across the state.

State Senator Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing), Senate Appropriations Chair and MLBC Leadership Member, led the negotiations for a more equitable and inclusive budget. 

“It’s no secret that this budget is the most equitable budget in Michigan’s history,” Sen. Anthony said. “Our voices are at the table, and we have legislator in position of leadership to move our communities’ priorities forward.”

Some highlights from this historic budget include the largest increase ever in funding to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, direct funding for minority owned businesses, community public safety initiatives (prevention funding and community-based crisis response) and funding for equity in providing accurate historical education.

State Senator Sylvia Santana (D-Detroit) added, “This bipartisan state budget has enabled us to make great strides in improving equity in our state and directing support to where it is needed the most — and where it has been lacking. I was proud to champion greater access to healthcare and important health services in communities of color that have long been ignored. This budget has invested heavily in our communities for the first time in a generation and will both improve the lives of our constituents and benefit residents across the state.”

This budget begins to reverse the effects of legislation and appropriations in previous years that — writ large — stifled growth by denying communities of color economic resources to enact significant improvements.

“Guided by hard work and dedication, we crafted a historic budget that invests in Michigan’s people, all people,” said state Rep. Donavan McKinney (D-Detroit), MLBC Leadership Member. “All voices were accounted for, from small communities to large, from working families to students and seniors. I believe budgets are a moral document and should reflect priorities of the people — and this budget does just that. Diversity, equity and inclusion were considered and are represented.”

As MLBC priorities continue to rise in crucial pieces of legislation and directly in our state’s budget, Michigan will continue to evolve as a leader in measurable diversity, equity, inclusivity and justice.