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The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC) would like to announce Mr. Chris Jackson has joined the MLBC as its new Executive Director.

“After an extensive search, we are thrilled to bring Mr. Jackson to the MLBC as its new Executive Director,” said MLBC Chairperson, State Senator Erika Geiss (D-Taylor). “I am looking forward to working closely with our new Executive Director on furthering the mission and purpose of the MLBC both within the legislature and broadly across our communities,” she continued. 

The MLBC plans to expand the role of the director to include legislative, communications and outreach activities including relationship building with other Black Caucuses throughout the state and country. 

“The MLBC has a storied tradition of pushing for equitable legislation and providing an environment for collaboration,” said the new MLBC Executive Director, Chris Jackson. “I look forward to building on that blueprint with an emphasis on correcting previously misinformed legislation and protecting against future legislative actions that harm our Black communities. Creating more paths (and opportunities) for collaboration and coalition building remains at the forefront of our work,” he continued. 

Due to the retirement of Mr. John Johnson, Jr., and the pandemic, it has been two years since the MLBC has had a full-time Executive Director. Throughout the pandemic, the MLBC was supported by former State Representative Leslie Love. Several accomplishments were made throughout this time, and the MLBC is grateful to have worked with Representative Love. Now, a new era begins for the MLBC with the leadership of Mr. Jackson. The MLBC is excited to welcome him to the caucus.

New Executive Director Chris Jackson